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Honey & The Bees Love LP

$ 23.99

One of the great, lost albums of Philly Soul! And we mean really lost…we had to go to Italy and pay close to 500 euros to snag a copy for artwork. Jean Davis, Gwen Oliver, and Cassandra Wooten were known as The Yum-Yums when they auditioned for Arctic label founder Jimmy Bishop, who re-christened them as Honey and the Bees and added Nadine Felder to the line-up as lead vocalist. After Arctic folded, they moved to the Jubilee imprint Josie, where they recorded this 1970 gem. With a name like Honey and the Bees, it’ll come as no surprise that Love is pure, sweet soul, and it's the Philly Sound through and through, with arrangements by greats like Norman Harris, Ronnie Baker, and Bobby Martin. The medley of Teddy Randazzo tunes culminating in a gorgeous rendition of the Royalettes hit “It’s Gonna Take a Miracle” is the highlight, but the whole record is pure magic, so good that we enlisted Mike Milchner of Sonic Vision to remaster it for vinyl to ensure that every note breathes and sings. First ever LP reissue, pressed in honey colored vinyl limited to 2000 copies!

Side One

1. We Got to Stay Together
2. Make Love to Me
3. Please Have Mercy
4. Help Me (Get Over My Used to Be Lover)
5. It’s Gonna Take a Miracle

Side Two

1. Do You Understand
2. Now That I Know
3. What About Me
4. I’ll Spend My Life Loving You
5. Love Is the Key

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