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The Donnas Early Singles 1995-1999 CD

$ 13.99

Blessed with a formidable front woman in Brett Anderson, a guitar heroine in Allison Robertson, and a pummeling rhythm section in bassist Maya Ford and drummer Torry Castellano, The Donnas were one of the greatest punk bands of the '90s, male or female, bringing a uniquely hedonistic yet feminist viewpoint to the genre. Now, at last, with the full cooperation of the band, Real Gone Music is releasing the first-ever CD retrospective of their early days recording for (mostly) the Lookout! label featuring 14 non-album sides (Real Gone will subsequently be releasing the group's four Lookout! albums). Many of these songs haven't been available since their original release; rare photos and memorabilia plus track-by-track commentary and liner notes by all four band members make Early Singles 1995-1999 truly indispensable for Donnas fans. Remastered by Mike Milchner of Sonic Vision…let’s rab!

1. High School Yum Yum
2. A Boy Like You
3. Let's Rab!
4. Da Doo Ron Ron
5. I Don't Wanna Go to School
6. I Don't Wanna Rock 'N' Roll Tonight
7. Last Chance Dance
8. I Wanna Be a Unabomber
9. Message from The Donnas
10. Speeding Back to My Baby
11. Wig Wam Bam
12. School’s Out
13. Strutter
14. Keep On Loving You

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