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Spineshank Self-Destructive Pattern LP

$ 29.99

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The title to Spineshank’s third (2003) album sadly proved to be prophetic, as the band broke up shortly after its release, even though—stop us if you’ve heard this one before—Self-Destructive Pattern was their most commercially successful record. In fact, they even garnered a Grammy nomination for the single “Smothered!” But Spineshank’s continued evolution away from death and nu-metal stylings towards a more radio-friendly hard rock sound hinted at creative tensions behind the curtain. Real Gone Music fans may remember we already debuted their second album, The Height of Callousness, on vinyl, and we’re doing the same thing for this one, with a printed inner sleeve housing a “bone” vinyl pressing. Long overdue on LP, and limited to 1000 copies!


1. Violent Moodswings
2. Slavery
3. Smothered
4. Consumed (Obsessive 
5. Beginning of the End

6. Forgotten


1. Self-Destructive Pattern
2. Tear Me Down
3. Stillborn
4. Falls Apart

5. Fallback
6. Dead to Me

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