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Marvelous 3 Hey! Album LP

$ 26.99

Before Butch Walker produced and/or wrote for such huge acts as (gulp) Pink, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, Weezer, Green Day, Katy Perry, and (double gulp) Taylor Swift, he fronted this fondly-remembered power pop trio. Hey!Album actually first came out as an independent release in 1998, but the band re-recorded almost half of it when they signed to Elektra, who released it in 1999. The extra TLC proved well worth it, as the record scored a hit with “Freak of the Week” and introduced Walker’s hooky and sardonically self-deprecating songwriting to the masses (it also landed Marvelous 3 fashion spreads for Abercrombie & Fitch and Calvin Klein…they were, as the saying goes, easy on the eyes). This Real Gone reissue marks the FIRST time Hey!Album is making it to music retail on vinyl, and for its debut we’re pressing it pretty in pink vinyl, with a printed inner sleeve featuring lyrics. A ‘90s classic!

A1. You’re So Yesterday
A2. Freak of the Week
A3. Until You See
A4. Write It on Your Hand
A5. Let Me Go
A6. Every Monday
B1. Indie Queen
B2. #27
B3. Mrs. Jackson
B4. Over Your Head
B5. Vampires in Love
B6. Lemonade

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