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Owsley Owsley LP

$ 24.99

Original Street Date was 06/02/23 but has been changed to 07/07/23 

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You probably heard Alabama-born multi-instrumentalist Will Owsley before you heard of him; he was a mainstay in the bands of Amy Grant and Shania Twain during the mid-‘90s. He then pulled a Tom Scholz of Boston-style maneuver and recorded his own album, which he shopped to the major labels as a take-it-or-leave-it deal. The Giant label bit, as well they should have; Owsley is one of the better power pop albums of the ‘90s and certainly one of the best power pop debuts ever to come down the pike (that this self-recorded album got a Grammy nom for best engineered album is further testimony as to Owsley’s many talents). You’ll hear a little Cars, a little Todd Rundgren, and a healthy helping of Owsley’s former bandmate Ben Folds, but the crunch of Owsley’s guitars makes sure the “power” gets as much play as the “pop.” Highlights include “Oh No the Radio,” “Coming Up Roses,” and “Good Old Days,” but really this is a remarkably consistent album, full of hooks and some sonic surprises (cello! organ!). Owsley makes its LP debut in a tan vinyl edition limited to 1000 copies, complete with a full-color inner sleeves. You’ll be playing some of these songs on repeat in your head after a couple of listens.

A1. Oh No the Radio
A2. I’m Alright
A3. Coming Up Roses
A4. Good Old Days
A5. The Sky Is Falling
A6. Sentimental Favorite
B1. Zavelow House
B2. Sonny Boy
B3. The Homecoming Song
B4. Uncle John’s Farm
B5. Class Clown/Class Clown (Reprise)

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