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Frankie Stein and His Ghouls The Complete Ghoul-lection (2-CD Set)

$ 26.99

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Hey CD fans—you didn’t really think we were gonna leave you, er, hanging!? Here, on a two-CD set, is The Complete Ghoul-lection,  featuring all five Frankie Stein and His Ghouls albums:  Introducing Frankie Stein and His Ghouls, Shock! Terror! Fear!, Ghoul Music, Monster Melodies, and Monster Sounds and Dance Music. Joe Marchese’s liner notes explore the birth of the ghoul with the president of Peter Pan, Donald Kasen. One final “twist” in our Frankie Stein reissue series!

CD One


Introducing Frankie Stein and His Ghouls


1.        Weerdo the Wolf

2.        Goon River

3.        A Hearse Is Not a Home

4.        Three Little Weirds

5.        Lullaby of Ghost Land

6.        Knives and Lovers

7.        Little Ghoul Blue

8.        Ghoul Days

9.        Little Brown Bug

10.  The Neck Twist


Shock! Terror! Fear!


11.  Who’s Afraid of Weerdo Wolf

12.  Bodies Under the Bridge

13.  Slay Boy

14.  Horror Staccato

15.  Ankle Twist

16.  Doom at Night

17.  Stoned

18.  Stoned Again

19.  The Ghostman Rings Twice

20.  Doomsday


Ghoul Music


21.  What Kind of Ghoul Am I

22.  Mummy’s Little Boy

23.  Good Noose

24.  The Wrist Twist

25.  Shoot-A-Nanny


CD Two


Ghoul Music (cont.)


1.        Elbow Twist

2.        Fly Me to the Goon

3.        Chained

4.        A Taste of Poison

5.        Monster Motion


Monster Melodies


6.        Doctor Spook

7.        In a Groovy Grave

8.        Frog Frug

9.        Melancholy Monster

10.  Haunted Mouse

11.  Ghoulish Heart

12.  Dressed to Kill

13.  All Choked Up

14.  Swingin’ Head

15.  Ain’t Got No Body


Monster Sounds and Dance Music


16.  The Creep

17.  Be Careful, It’s My Throat

18.  Dreamin’ and Screamin’

19.  Chills

20.  Dance of Doom

21.  Mummy’s Little Monster

22.  Kiss of Death

23.  Body Twist

24.  Bat and Cat

25.  Saturday Evening Ghost

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