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Listening Listening LP

$ 24.99

Listening Listening LP Bundle Includes 1 Test Pressing and 1 copy of the Coke Clear with Yellow Swirl 1 copy of the Clear with Yellow and Red Swirl Variant, Limited to 30 Bundles. 1 PER PERSON/HOUSEHOLD.

Listening: Listening (Limited Coke Clear with Yellow Swirl Vinyl Edition) Regular Variant

Listening: Listening (Limited Clear with Yellow and Red Swirl Vinyl Edition) (Hand Numbered) Webstore Exclusive Limited to 100ish (actual number may vary slightly) copies 1 PER PERSON/HOUSEHOLD

While most of the bands (Orpheus, Ultimate Spinach, Beacon Street Union) associated with producer Alan Lorber’s “Bosstown Sound” signed with MGM Records, Listening recorded their only album in 1968 with Vanguard. And it’s a highly prized one, at that, with original copies selling for triple figures. One reason for that is, unlike many of their more poppy Boston-based peers, Listening boasted an original, swirling, hard-edged sound, full of jazzy and even proggy passages, and keyboardist/singer/songwriter Michael Tschudin’s lyrics were openly countercultural. That’s future (post-Lou Reed) Velvet Underground member Walter Powers on bass, and blues wunderkind Peter Malick on guitar. A talented band, underappreciated at the time…in other words, right up our Real Gone alley! Coke clear with yellow swirl vinyl pressing, limited to 700 copies. First U.S. reissue!


  1. You’re Not There

  2. Laugh at the Stars

  3. 9/8 Song

  4. Stoned Is

  5. “Forget It, Man!”


  1. I Can Teach You

  2. So Happy

  3. Cuando

  4. “Baby: Where Are You?”

  5. Fantasy

  6. See You Again


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