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The Bangles Doll Revolution (2LP-Set)

$ 34.99

The Bangles are one of the greatest all-girl bands in rock history, renowned for their songwriting, harmonies, and chops...yet Doll Revolution, one of their best records, has never seen a widespread vinyl release to general music retail. That's because it fell into that late '90s/early 2000s gap when vinyl was considered dead (ha)! Now, with full support of the band, Real Gone Music brings Doll Revolution to its rightful format with a white vinyl pressing. A 2-LP set brought to you in sumptuous gatefold packaging with insert. Features one of our favorite Bangles songs, 'Ride the Ride!'

Side One

1. Tear Off Your Own Head (It's a Doll Revolution)
2. Stealing Rosemary
3. Something That You Said
4. Ask Me No Questions

Side Two

1. The Rain Song
2. Nickel Romeo
3. Ride the Ride

Side Three

1. I Will Take Care of You
2. Here Right Now
3. Single by Choice
4. Lost at Sea

Side Four

1. Song for a Good Son
2. Mixed Messages
3. Between the Two
4. Grateful

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