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Surf Punks CD

$ 12.98

SURF PUNKS: Locals Only. CD
  • Locals Only Has Been Out of Print for Over 15 Years 

  • Newly Remastered and Annotated by Dennis Dragon of the Surf Punks 

  • Includes Two Rare Bonus Tracks 

  • Added Photos

Surf Punks were what washed up when the late-‘70s punk wave crashed on the SoCal beach scene. Formed by Dennis Dragon (son of composer Carmen, brother of Daryl of Captain & Tennille fame) and Drew Steele, the group cut their first album in 1979 on their own Day Glo label, which Epic picked up for distribution in slightly different form, then moved to Restless/Enigma in 1982 for this gem. Locals Only kicks sand in the face of just about every strain of sunbleached subculture, from Valley girls to Westside rich chicks to lifeguards, and manages to be catchy at the same time; it belongs on your shelf next to (and came out the same year as) Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Real Gone’s reissue features a fresh remastering and liner notes from Dennis Dragon himself plus two bonus tracks, the unreleased “I Got Gas” and the rare “Hot Sand, Cold Feet.” First time available in over 15 years!


1.   Locals Only

2.   Shark Attack

3.   No Fat Chicks

4.   I’m a Valley

5.   Tube Rider

6.   Watersports

7.   Born to Surf

8.   Spoiled Brats from Malibu (II)

9.   Hey, Mr. Lifeguard

10. Kanan’s Doomed

11. Tijuana Weekend

12. New Lead Guitar

13. Spoiled Brats from Malibu (I)

14. Sealed with a Kiss

Bonus Tracks

15. I Got Gas

16. Hot Sand, Cold Feet

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