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Richard Thompson Mirror Blue (2LP-Set)

$ 29.99

Any album boasting a song as gorgeous and heartfelt as 'Beeswing' is going to be a keeper. But Richard Thompson's 1994 release Mirror Blue has a lot more going for it than just that classic. 'King of Bohemia' will tease tears from your eyes, and those looking for rave-ups will be transported by Thompson's solos on 'The Way That It Shows' and 'Mascara Tears.' It's one of his best, if most underappreciated records; but Mirror Blue never saw a release on vinyl in the U.S.; and, even though it clocks in at 55 minutes, it was released as a single album in the UK. So, our release rights two wrongs; this album has never sounded or looked as good as it does on this 2-LP set housed inside a gorgeous gatefold jacket. Clear 'Mirror' vinyl pressing limited to 1200 copies!

Side One

1. For the Sake of Mary
2. I Can’t Wake Up to Save My Life
4. The Way That It Shows

Side Two

1. Easy There, Steady Now
2. King of Bohemia
3. Shane and Dixie

Side Three

1. Mingus Eyes
2. I Ride in Your Slipstream
3. Beeswing

Side Four

1. Fast Food
2. Mascara Tears
3. Taking My Business Elsewhere

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