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Ill Biskits Chronicle of Two Losers LP

$ 26.99


By popular demand, this lost classic from the Golden Age of Hip Hop is finally getting a vinyl release! And when we say lost, we mean really lost; 1995’s Chronicle of Two Losers barely even saw a legit release before being deleted, which explains why even CD copies go for triple figures (this is its first legit release on LP). Ill Biskits was a one-and-done, German-born, Virginia-based duo composed of Deeda and Kleph Dollaz (R.I.P.) whose undeniable abilities on the mic and introspective, deep rhymes were mixed into hypnotic beats courtesy of D.I.T.C. producer superstars Buckwild and Lord Finesse.  This album captures hip hop really coming of age as an art form; Chronicle of Two Losers has lyrical and sonic layers that unfold with repeated spins. Highly, highly recommended…so grab our coke bottle clear vinyl pressing while you can. It’s limited to 1000 copies, and includes an inner sleeve displaying the original CD booklet’s dreamy artwork.

A1. Chronicle I (Intro)
A2. Exclusive Debut
A3. Chill Factor
A4. A Better Day
A5. Chronicle II (Interlude)
A6. Broker Than Ever
A7. Illustrations
A8. God Bless Your Life
B1. Let ‘Em Know
B2. Chronicle III (Interlude)
B3. Bare Essentials
B4. Place to Be
B5. Escape the Funk
B6. Recognize

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