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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy S/T Americana Deluxe 2-LP

$ 34.99

This is it, daddy-o, the 1998 album that sparked the whole late-‘90s swing revival! And it’s all decked out in vinyl threads for the first time…clear with red and yellow swirl vinyl, to be exact! Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s first big break came when three of their songs were featured in the hit 1996 indie film Swingers (and the band made a live cameo playing their song “You & Me & the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)”). A major label signing to Interscope (followed by an eventual appearance at the halftime of the Super Bowl) came soon after, and the top 50 album Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (also known as Americana Deluxe) was their debut for the imprint. Songs like “Go Daddy-O” and “Mr. Pinstripe Suit” will make you want to gas up the Packard to go thrift store shopping for zoot suits, while slow-burners like “Please Baby” make contemplating the olive in your cocktail an essential existential exercise. One word of warning, though: wear some comfortable shoes when playing this record, because you’ll be lindy-hopping and mambo-ing till the wee hours. This 2-LP set is all dressed up for a big night out in a dazzling gatefold jacket…a must!

Side One

1. The Boogie Bumper
2. Mr. Pinstripe Suit
3. King of Swing

Side Two

1. Minnie the Moocher
2. You & Me & the Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)
3. Jump with My Baby

Side Three

1. Maddest Kind of Love
2. Go Daddy-O
3. Please Baby

Side Four

1. Mambo Swing
2. Jumpin’ Jack
3. So Long-Farewell-Goodbye

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