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Julia Holter Never Rarely Sometimes Always Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

$ 24.99

Wax Mage is limited to 1 per customer.

Julia Holter Never Rarely Sometimes Always LP Bundle Includes 1 Test Pressing and 1 copy of the Black and 1 copy of the Orange with Black Swirl Variant, Limited to 30 Bundles. 1 PER PERSON/HOUSEHOLD.

Julia Holter: Never Rarely Sometimes Always--Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Black Vinyl Edition) Regular Variant

Julia Holter: Never Rarely Sometimes Always--Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Orange with Black Swirl Vinyl Edition)(Hand Numbered) Webstore Exclusive Limited to 100ish (actual number may vary slightly) copies 1 PER PERSON/HOUSEHOLD

This 2020 film has already become an indie classic, and it’s taken on a timeliness that its creators could not have foreseen. Teenage Autumn has to flee her rural Pennsylvania town in seach of an abortion, leaving behind her abusive partner, her indifferent parents (singer Sharon Van Etten plays her mother), and her callous community as she embarks on a journey to New York City accompanied by her cousin Skylar. No matter your stance on the subject, Autumn’s harrowing odyssey provokes compassion and contemplation, two states of mind in short supply these days. And accompanying Autumn every step of the way on her journey is the mesmerizing and, at times, achingly sad score by cult favorite composer Julia Holter. So much of the film is made up of shots of Autumn’s face as she attempts to process what is happening to her and around her; seldom has a film score captured a character’s interior monologue with such insight and grace. Never before released in any physical format, we at Real Gone Music are proud to present the soundtrack to Never Rarely Sometimes Always on vinyl, with the full consent and cooperation of Julia Holter. CREDITS:  Julia Holter: Synth, Piano, Vocals, Cello; Christin Hablewitz: B Flat and Bass Clarinet; Christopher Votek: Cello; Sharon Cheslow: Electronics; Kenny Gilmore: Mixing; David Ives: Mastering.



Side One


1.        Opening

2.        Bus to New York

3.        Leaving the Restaurant

4.        Arriving in the City

5.        Stealing Money

6.        First Night

7.        First Procedure

8.        Where Is the Money

9.        Never Rarely Sometimes Always (Demo)


Side Two


1.        Subway Rides

2.        Finding Her

3.        Bus Ride Home

4.        Song for Autumn (Demo)


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