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The Kingston Trio The Last Month of the Year CD

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THE KINGSTON TRIO: The Last Month of the Year.  CD

  • The Last Month of the Year Is One of the Most Beautiful and Haunting Christmas Albums Ever Made by a Major Artist 

  • One of the Most Ambitious and Beloved Titles in the Kingston Trio Album Catalog 

  • Hit #11 on the 1960 Charts 

  • New Liner Notes by Tom Pickles 

  • Added Photos 

You know you’re a successful act in the music business when you’re disappointed that an album “only” hits #11 on the charts! But that’s how big the Kingston Trio were in 1960; all of their previous albums had hit #1, and they accounted for 20% of Capitol Records’ profits that year even at a time when the label’s roster included such superstars as Frank Sinatra and Nat “King” Cole. The reason for this “disappointing” showing? The Last Month of the Year was, contrary to the typical Christmas release, arguably the most ambitious album the Trio had released to date and maybe even the most ambitious album of their career.  Dave Guard, Nick Reynolds and Bob Shane wove together a rich tapestry of European legends and scripture, lullabies, and spirituals from the American deep South and gave them the unique Kingston Trio stamp, complete with unusual instrumentation (like the bouzouki pictured on the back cover) and, in Nick Reynolds’ words, “really tricky harmonies, really tricky arrangements.” Plus, there were no popular Christmas favorites to be found; instead, some of the material was downright dark, such as the opening track, “Bye Bye Thou Tiny Little Child,” which refers to King Herod’s massacre of the innocents.  But make no mistake—The Last Month of the Year captures all the joy of the Christmas season, and remains truer to the holiday’s real origins than just about any album of a similar ilk made by a major recording artist. It’s a true Christmas classic, here with added photos and great liner notes by folk music expert Tom Pickles. Yours from Real Gone Music!


1. Bye, Bye Thou Tiny Little Child

2. The White Snows of Winter

3. We Wish You a Merry Christmas

4. All Through the Night

5. Goodnight My Baby

6. Go Where I Send Thee

7. Follow Now, Oh Shepherds

8. Somerset Gloucestershire Wassail

9. Mary Mild

10. A Round About Christmas

11. Sing We Noel

12. The Last Month of the Year (What Month Was Jesus Born In)

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