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The Beckies CD

$ 23.98

  • The Beckies Were the Last Significant Musical Project for the Late, Great Michael Brown (Left Banke, Montage, Stories) 
  • Their One and Only Release, a 1976 Self-Titled Album, Is a Bona-Fide Power Pop Classic 
  • Perfect for Fans of Badfinger and the Raspberries 
  • Reissued with Liner Notes by Jeremy Cargill and Lyrics
  • Worldwide CD Debut for a True Cult Favorite!

The Beckies: The Beckies CD

Real Gone Music answers the pleas of power pop fans worldwide with the first-ever CD release of this classic one-off album from The Beckies, the group led by Michael Brown of Left Banke, Montage, and Stories fame. Brown made a career out of melding classical motifs with rock, but here—on what would turn out to be the last project to which he made a significant contribution—the focus is definitely more on the latter. The Beckies fits right on the shelf with your Badfinger and Raspberries records, full of catchy tunes that in another era would have had a chance at significant radio play, but 1976 was the height of the disco craze, and therefore it sunk without a commercial trace. A quick search online, however—there are about four solid pages of blog posts about the album—quickly confirms cult classic status for The Beckies, here reissued with notes by Jeremy Cargill and lyrics. Long overdue reissue and worth the wait!


 1. Right by My Side (Etude)

2. River Bayou

3. Midnight and You

4. Fran

5. Other Side of Town

6. Song Called Love

7. Can’t Be Alone

8. River Song

9. On the Morning That She Came

10. One of These Days

11. Run Jenny Run

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