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The 4 Seasons Big Girls Don't Cry and Twelve (Mini LP) CD

$ 11.98

THE 4 SEASONS: Big Girls Don’t Cry and 12 others (Limited Mono Mini LP Sleeve Edition). CD

  • The 4 Seasons (Frankie Valli, Bob Gaudio, Nick Massi and Tommy DeVito) Are One of the Greatest Vocal Groups in the History of Pop and Rock Music
  • Their Second Album, Big Girls Don’t Cry and Twelve others, Was a Top Ten Album and Cemented the Group’s Success
  • However, Neither Big Girls Nor Any of the Other Albums in the Group’s Catalog Have EVER Come Out on CD in Their Original Mono Mixes, Even Though Most of the Record-Buying Public Were Listening to Mono at the
  • Time and the Group and Producer Bob Crewe Concentrated on the Mono Mixes
  • Now, Real Gone Music Is Embarking on a Monaural Tour of the 4 Seasons Album Catalog by Releasing Each Album in Its Original Mono Mix
  • Remastered from Tape by Bill Inglot, Who Has Extensively Worked with the Band’s Catalog
  • Master Approved by Bob Gaudio Himself
  • Features Such Legendary Hits as “Walk Like a Man” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
  • Presented in a Mini LP Sleeve with Old-Style, “Tip-On” Printing That Exactly Replicates the Original Album Sleeve All the Way Down to the Vee Jay Logos
  • Obi Strips Promote the Release

The 4 Seasons were and are one of the greatest vocal groups in the history of pop music, and their music has been plentifully available since the “dawn” (pun intended) of the CD reissue era. But there remains a very large gap in their catalog: their original albums have NEVER been available on CD in their original mono mixes! Which really makes no sense; not only were most consumers buying and listening to mono albums during the early and mid ‘60s, when the bulk of The 4 Seasons’ album catalog was released, but also the mono mixes were what the group and its producer Bob Crewe concentrated on and approved. Now, Real Gone Music is embarking on a monorail, er, monaural ride through the 4 Seasons album catalog, releasing the original mono album mixes on CD in chronological order, all taken from tape, and housed inside mini LP sleeves with old-style, “tip on” printing that replicates the original album art all the way down to the original Vee Jay logos. And handling the sound for us? The one and only Bill Inglot, who has been working with the 4 Seasons catalog for years (and the master was approved by Bob Gaudio himself)! This was the group’s sophomore smash LP from 1963, featuring “Walk Like a Man” and the title tune. Strictly limited edition of 2000!


1.   Walk Like a Man

2.   Silhouettes

3.   Why Do Fools Fall in Love

4.   Tonite, Tonite

5.   Lucky Ladybug

6.   Alone

7.   One Song

8.   Sincerely

9.   Since I Don’t Have You

10. My Sugar

11. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo

12. Big Girls Don’t Cry

13. Goodnight My Love

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