T.S. Bonniwell CD

$ 13.98

T.S. Bonniwell: Close. CD 

  • The Cult Favorite 1969 Solo Album from Sean Bonniwell, leader of the Music Machine
  • Remixed by Sean Bonniwell
  • Liner Notes Feature Exclusive Quotes from the Artist
  • Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in NYC

You may not recognize the “T.S.”, but perhaps the last name of Bonniwell rings a bell. That’s right—this is the long-lost, sole solo album from Sean Bonniwell, the leader of the legendary punk-rock garage band the Music Machine. No doubt the obfuscation of the name change was intentional, for seldom has an artist made a career shift as abrupt as that made on this 1969 Capitol release. Instead of the crashing psychodrama and stentorian vocals that characterized the sound of his previous outfit, here Bonniwell croons deeply introspective and melancholy lyrics to delicate melodies accompanied with touches of flamenco, bossa nova, horns and strings (Bonniwell himself has described it as “kind of like if Neil Diamond did an imitation of Johnny Mathis”). The all-too-predictable commercial result was that this album sold not a lick and received very spotty distribution at that; perhaps even more predictable is that this album has since become a serious collector’s item, with copies selling for big bucks online. Our Real Gone reissue of this lost treasure features Bonniwell’s own remixed version of the album, with liner notes by Richie Unterberger that feature quotes from the artist himself. Bonniwell left the music business soon after this album was released; you couldn’t ask for a more unique swan song.


1. Where Am I to Go; 2. Love Is Such a Simple Word; 3. Who Remembers; 4. Something to Be; 5. Black Snow; 6. She Is; 7. Temporary Knife; 8. Continue; 9. Where It Belongs; 10. But Not with My Heart; 11. Sleep

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