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Shoes 35 Years CD

$ 19.98

SHOES: 35 Years—the Definitive Shoes Collection 1977-2012. CD

  • First-Ever Career-Spanning Retrospective of the Power Pop Legends, Celebrating 35 Years of Recordings
  • Includes 21 Tracks Taken from All Eight of Their Studio Albums, from 1977's DIY Classic Black Vinyl Shoes to 2012's Critically-Lauded Ignition
  • Liner Notes Includes Exclusive Quotes from the Band and Photos from Their Private Archive
  • Released to Coincide with a New Biography of the Band, Boys Don't Lie—A History of Shoes

Improbably hailing from the dry town of Zion, Illinois on the banks of Lake Michigan—where not even bikinis were permitted—Shoes were formed, like a lot of rock bands, by three kids who were just looking for something to do. The difference? Very few bands—none actually come to mind—write and perform perfectly crafted power pop songs for 35 years and counting. Indeed,  Gary Klebe and brothers John and Jeff Murphy reign as deans of the entire power pop scene, and now, concurrent with the release of Ignition, their first new studio album in 18 years, and Boys Don’t Lie: A History of Shoes, a behind-the-scenes biography detailing their odyssey through the musical industry, Shoes and Real Gone Music have teamed to release the first-ever career-spanning retrospective of the band. 35 Years—the Definitive Shoes Collection includes 21 tracks chosen by Shoes and taken from all eight of their studio albums that saw an official release, starting with the DIY masterpiece of 1977, Black Vinyl Shoes,through the three albums (Present Tense, Tongue Twister and Boomerang) released on Elektra, the three albums (Silhouette, Stolen Wishes and Propeller) the band self-released in the ‘80s and ‘90s, and culminating in a newly-released track, “Say It Like You Mean It,” from Ignition.  The liner notes feature fresh, exclusive interviews with Shoes and pictures from the band’s private archives. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to this band’s sublime power pop pleasures, 35 Years—the Definitive Shoes Collection 1977-2012 is essential.


1. Tomorrow Night (from Present Tense)

2. She Satisfies (from Tongue Twister)

3. A Thing Of The Past (from Propeller)

4. Love Is Like A Bullet (from Stolen Wishes)

5. Too Late (from Present Tense)

6. Okay (from Black Vinyl Shoes)

7. Girls Of Today (from Tongue Twister)

8. In My Arms Again (from Present Tense)

9. Curiosity (from Boomerang)

10. Don't Do This To Me (from Propeller)

11. Only In My Sleep (from Tongue Twister)

12. Get My Message (from Silhouette)

13. Feel The Way That I Do  (Stolen Wishes)   

14. Three Times (See Me, Say It, Listen) (from Present Tense)

15. The Summer Rain (from Boomerang)

16. Your Devotion (from Stolen Wishes

17. Your Very Eyes (from Present Tense)

18. Say It Like You Mean It (from Ignition)

19. Oh, Angeline (from Silhouette)

20. Burned Out Love (from Tongue Twister)

21. Torn In Two (from Stolen Wishes)

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