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Shelby Flint CD

$ 16.98


Part folk, part pop, part jazz, Shelby Flint's sound was unique among '60s girl singers (and girl singers of any era, for that matter), as her velvety voice was preternaturally adept at mixing and matching genres and material. This marks the first-ever collection of her recordings, so it goes without saying that virtually none of the 24 mono single sides here which include all of her singles for Valiant plus both sides of her lone single for Cadence-- have ever been on CD! This stuff holds up remarkably well today, and it is presented here with notes featuring quotes from Shelby herself plus painstaking remastering.
Includes her two hits, Angel on My Shoulder and Cast Your Fate to the Wind, plus I Will Love You (Cadence and Valiant versions); Oh I Miss Him So; Joy in the Morning; Lonely Cinderella; The Lily; Somebody; Every Night; A Broken Vow; Magic Wand; The Riddle Song; I Love a Wanderer; The Boy I Love; Ugly Duckling; Little Dancing Doll; It Really Doesn t Matter; Wonderland; Pipes of Keith; I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face; Our Town; What s New, Pussycat, and Bluebird

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