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Sea Level Sea Level/Long Walk on a Short Pier CD

$ 29.98 $ 36.98

  • With an Initial Band Line-Up Including Three Members of the Allman Brothers Band (Keyboardist Chuck Leavell, Percussionist Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson, and bassist Lamar Williams), Sea Level Was the Prototypical Jam Band, Offering a Tasty Fusion of Jazz, Blues, and Rock 

  • This Twofer Presents Their Self-Titled Debutand Long Walk on a Short Pier, Their Last Album for the Capricorn Label 

  • Long Walk on a Short Pier Was Not Released for 20 Years Due to a Contractual Dispute 

  • Both Albums Are Long Out of Print and Sell for Big $ Online 

  • Scott Schinder’s Liner Notes Feature Exclusive Quotes from Band Leader Chuck Leavell 

  • Having put out Sea Level’s second and third albums, we’re now polishing off their Capricorn album catalog by releasing the first and last albums on a single CD! Sea Level had begun as a Allman Brothers spinoff, with three members of the mid-‘70s ABB (keyboardist Chuck Leavell, percussionist Jai Johanny “Jaimoe” Johanson and bassist Lamar Williams) leading their proto-jam band mixture of jazz, blues, and rock on the debut record, which was highlighted by such instrumentals as “The Rain in Spain” and “Tidal Wave” as well as the Leavell organ showcase “Grand Larceny.” And though the band had changed quite a bit between the first and fourth record—Jaimoe and drummer George Weaver had left, and guitarist Davis Causey, saxophonist/keyboardist Randall Bramblett, and drummer Joe English had joined—the band maintained its superb “level” of musicianship, even though Long Walk on a Short Pier didn’t come out in the U.S. for 20 years due to contractual problems with Capricorn. Both albums have been out of print on CD for over a decade and command huge prices on the reselllers’ market; they appear here with notes by Scott Schinder featuring exclusive quotes from Chuck Leavell himself!

    1. Rain in Spain

    2. Shake a Leg

    3. Tidal Wave

    4. Country Fool

    5. Nothing Matters but the Fever

    6. Grand Larceny

    7. Scarborough Fair

    8. Just a Good Feeling

    9. Tear Down This Wall

    10. Canine Man

    11. My Love

    12. Just a Touch

    13. Thirsty

    14. A Two 'n Two

    15. Morning Light

    16. Too Many Broken Hearts

    17. Twenty Miles from Nowhere

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