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Rod McKuen Sold Out (2CD Set)

$ 36.98

ROD McKUEN: Sold Out At Carnegie Hall (Deluxe Edition) (2-CD Set)

  • Rod McKuen Is a Bestselling Poet, Writer, Performer, Songwriter, Singer, Producer, Actor 

  • Sold Out at Carnegie Hall and Listen to the Warm Are Arguably His Most Famous and Popular Albums 

  • Both Titles Have Been Out of Print for Years 

  • This Deluxe Edition of Sold Out at Carnegie Hall Includes Four Unreleased Bonus Tracks, Making This Release the Most Complete Recording of This Legendary Concert Ever Assembled 

  • Sold Out at Carnegie Hall Also Includes 13 Bonus Tracks from its 1973 Platinum-Selling Follow-Up, Back to Carnegie Hall (47 Tracks Total!) 

  • Listen to the Warm Was the Bestselling Poetry Book of All Time—This Deluxe Edition of the 1967 Album Release Includes 17 Bonus Tracks (32TracksTotal!) 

  • New Liner Notes by Rod McKuen Himself

    Added Photos

    Remastering Overseen by Rod McKuen 

Poet, writer, performer, songwriter, singer, producer, actor—Rod McKuen was the true Renaissance man of the ‘60s generation. And this double live album—recorded on his 36th birthday on April 29, 1969—was the highest-charting (double platinum) release of his career, and exposed a whole new audience to the man’s multifaceted talent. This Real Gone reissue of this landmark live recording adds an unreleased track, marking the most complete version of this legendary concert that has ever been released, and also offers 13 tracks from his triumphant, platinum-selling Back to Carnegie Hall album, recorded on his 40th birthday in 1973. Includes original album art and liner notes by Rod himself!

Disc One

1.   Overture

2.   So Long, Stay Well

3.   The Importance of the Rose

4.   I’ve Been to Town

5.   Everybody's Rich but Us

6.   A Cat Named Sloopy

7.   Bend Down And Touch Me

8.   Joanna

9.  The Things Men Do

10. Gee It's Nice to Be Alone

11. Stanyan Street

12. If You Go Away (Nemme Quittes Pas)

13. Seasons in the Sun

14. Playoff: World I Used to Know

15. Entre Act

16. Kaleidoscope

17. So Many Others (previously unreleased)

18. Ally Ally Oxen Free

19. I'll Catch the Sun

20. Do It Yourself Protest Songs & The Protest Waltz

21. We

22. The Ivy That Clings to the Wall

23. People On Their Birthdays

Disc Two

1.   The Love’s Been Good to Me

2.   The Art of Catching Trains

3.   To Watch the Trains

4.   (The Port of) Amsterdam

5.   Play-off The World I Used to Know, Happy Birthday

6.   Merci Beacoup

7.   Jean

8.   Closing Remarks

Bonus tracks from Rod McKuen: Back to Carnegie Hall 

9.   The Far Side of the Hill

10. If

11. Many Summers Ago (Reflection)

12. Surprise! Surprise!

13. Forty Without Fear

14. When Will the School Start Laughing?

15. McKuen Retrospective Featuring the Rod-Ettes: Oliver Twist/Till My Ship Comes In/Happy as a Boy Named Me/Time after Time/What’d I Say?

16. Now I Have the Time

17. A News Stand at the San Francisco Airport

18. The Ballad of the Sad Young Man

19. Come Jef

20. Blessings of the Day

21. Closing Remarks & Jean Playoff

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