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Rod McKuen Listen CD

$ 24.98


ROD McKUEN: Listen to the Warm (Deluxe Edition) CD

  • Rod McKuen Is a Bestselling Poet, Writer, Performer, Songwriter, Singer, Producer, Actor 

  • Sold Out at Carnegie Hall and Listen to the Warm Are Arguably His Most Famous and Popular Albums 

  • Both Titles Have Been Out of Print for Years 

  • This Deluxe Edition of Sold Out at Carnegie Hall Includes Four Unreleased Bonus Tracks, Making This Release the Most Complete Recording of This Legendary Concert Ever Assembled 

  • Sold Out at Carnegie Hall Also Includes 13 Bonus Tracks from its 1973 Platinum-Selling Follow-Up, Back to Carnegie Hall (47 Tracks Total!) 

  • Listen to the Warm Was the Bestselling Poetry Book of All Time—This Deluxe Edition of the 1967 Album Release Includes 17 Bonus Tracks (32TracksTotal!) 

  • New Liner Notes by Rod McKuen Himself

    Added Photos

    Remastering Overseen by Rod McKuen 

Listen to the Warm was the bestselling poetry book of all time; this 1967 release set selected poems to music and became Rod McKuen's first charting album. Our Real Gone reissue presents over a dozen bonus tracks—all never before available in the U.S.—that in effect create an unreleased Listen To The WarmVolume Two! Original album art and some latter-day reflections from Rod complete the package.

1.   Prologue: A Cat Named Sloopy

2.   To Share The Summer Sun

3.   Round, Round, Round

4.   I'll Never Be Alone

5.   The Ducks On The Millpond

6.   Midnight Walk

7.   Listen To The Warm

8.   It's Raining

9.   Weekend

10. Brown October

11. Where Are We Now?

12. The Singing Of The Wind

13. Dandelion Days

14. I Live Alone

15. Epilogue: One Day I'll Follow The Birds

Bonus Tracks (Listen To The Warm - Volume Two)

16. Entre Act: Listen To The Warm (instrumental version)

17. Listen To The Warm

18. I Have Loved You In So Many Ways

19. We Touch Shoulder To Shoulder

20. Sunday In November

21. Beyond The Wall (The Phoenix)

22. The Warm And Gentle Girls

23. Be Gentle, Please

24. Hurry

25. Round, Round, Round (Reprise)

26. Conversation After 1:00 AM

27. I Have Loved You In So Many Ways (Theme)

28. Me And The Cat

29. After The Toll Beach

Additional Bonus tracks:

30. Listen To The Warm (alternate vocal)

31. Twenty-Nine

32. Midsummer 

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