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Rick Wakeman Rhapsodies CD

$ 8.00 $ 12.98

RICK WAKEMAN: Rhapsodies. CD

  • After Becoming a Keyboard Icon with Yes, Rick Wakeman Went On to Have a Very Successful Solo Career 

  • Released in 1979, the Double Album Rhapsodies Was His Last Solo Album for the A&M Label 

  • Never Before on CD in the U.S.; Previously Available Only as a Very Expensive Double-CD Japanese Release 

  • Includes 17 Pieces, Featuring Versions of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” and “Summertime” 

  • Liner Notes by Bill Kopp 

  • A Dizzying Blend of Styles and Moods, Anchored by Wakeman’s Prodigious Chops 

Real Gone Music concludes its survey of Rick Wakeman’s solo recordings for the A&M label with yet another first-time-on-CD-in-the-U.S. release, this time of his last album for the label, a double-LP from 1979. Unlike many of his other solo records, Rhapsodies consists of short, largely improvisational pieces (17 in all for a 2-LP set—that’s practically Ramones-style for this composer!) that are brimming with the whimsy and prodigious chops we’ve come to expect from the erstwhile Yes keyboardist. On the lighter side  are the opening track, “Pedra da Gavea,” which sets keyboard licks and processed vocals to none other than a Bo Diddley beat, and “Swan Lager,” which arranges one of the main themes from “Swan Lake” as a reggae number! But Wakeman’s closing solo piano take on “Summertime” is nothing short of gorgeous, and reminds us that, lurking behind the prog rock god/clown façade, was a sensitive and fully mature artist…when he wanted to be. Otherwise, enjoy the dizzying array of musical ideas and motifs from the flying fingers of Mr. Wakeman, with artful annotation by Bill Kopp. Produced by Tony Vischonti of David Bowie fame.


1. Pedra da Gavea

2. Front Line

3. Bombay Duck

4. Animal Showdown

5. Big Ben

6. Rhapsody in Blue

7. Wooly Willy Tango

8. The Pulse

9. Swan Lager

10. March of the Gladiators

11. Flacons de Neige

12. The Flasher

13. Palais

14. Stand By

15. Sea Horses

16. Half Holiday

17. Summertime

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