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Redd Foxx CD

$ 11.98

REDD FOXX: You Gotta Wash Your Ass. CD

  • Redd Foxx Was a Comedy Legend, a Huge Influence on Such Comics as Richard Pryor, Chris Rock and Even Andrew Dice Clay 

  • You Gotta Wash Your Ass Was His First Comedy Album Release in 12 Years and Garnered a Grammy Nomination 

  • The Album Captured Redd Foxx’s Return to the Legendary Apollo Theater 

  • Includes Such Routines as “Raquel Welch over Shirley Chisholm,” “I Think I Caught Cold in It” and “Show Me a Husband Who Won’t and I’ll Show You a Neighbor Who Will” 

 Ne'er a truer word was spoken! And, lest someone be offended by the title of this album, let's just remember that this is REDD FOXX, the guy who practically invented off-color humor! And this album, released by Atlantic in 1976 and the comic legend’s first album release in 12 years, was actually pretty tame compared to the "party records" that Redd recorded for the Dootone label that were so, um, salty that record stores had to hide them under the counter. That's not to say, though, that this record isn't downright raunchy at times; as befitting the man who paved the way for Richard Pryor, Chris Rock and even Andrew Dice Clay, there are plenty of unbleeped three-, four- and even twelve-letter words! So consider yourself warned. Actually, though, the ones who needed warning were the audience members at Redd’s old stomping ground the Apollo Theater that night; Foxx unmercifully picks on them with such routines as “I Hope Your Dog Dies”; “Who Does Your Hair?”; “Jaws on That Hippo,” and “You're Kind of Dumb and Ugly,” while he addresses some of his favorite topics with “Cancer Better Not F--- with My Body”; “My Old Lady Wanted to Make Love All the Time”; “I Talk About Sex Mostly,” and “Close Your Legs” among the comic riffs whose titles we can (barely) print. Those familiar with Redd’s work only via Sanford and Son definitely need to check this out. You Gotta Wash Your Ass got nominated for a Grammy, but we doubt Redd gave a $#@!

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