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Ray Griff CD

$ 14.98

RAY GRIFF: The Entertainer—Greatest U.S. & Canadian Hits. CD

  • Ray Griff Is a Country Music Giant, with Over 40 American and Canadian Hits to His Credit and Over 700 Songs Written for the Biggest Names in the Business 

  • The Entertainer—Greatest U.S. & Canadian Hits Is the First-Ever Comprehensive Compilation of His Work 

  • Includes 24 Chart Hits Taken from Seven Different Labels 

  • All Original Versions 

  • Includes Such Classics as “If I Let Her Come In,” “The Mornin’ After Baby Let Me Down,” “You Ring My Bell,” and “The Entertainer” 

  • Greg Adams’ Notes Feature Quotes from Ray Griff Himself 

  • Includes Pictures from Griff’s Private Archive 

Ray Griff earned his nickname, “The Entertainer,” by being one of the hardest working artists in country music.  As a singer, he charted over 40 hits from the 1960s onward, and as a songwriter, he wrote over 700 songs for the biggest stars of country music: George Jones, Jim Reeves, Conway Twitty, Eddy Arnold, Dolly Parton, Mel Tillis, Ray Price, and many others.

Now, Real Gone Music presents Ray Griff: The Entertainer—Greatest U.S. & Canadian Hits, the first-ever anthology of Griff’s biggest chart smashes. Spanning the years 1967-1986 and seven (!) record labels, the anthology includes Griff’s charting sides for MGM, Dot, Royal American, ABC, Capitol, Vision, and RCA. Among the 24 songs are 22 U.S. country hits, featuring the classic songs “If I Let Her Come In,” “The Mornin’ After Baby Left Me Down,” and “You Ring My Bell” as well as Griff’s signature song, the Top 10 Canadian country hit “The Entertainer.” The collection is remastered by Ray Griff himself, and the notes by Greg Adams feature quotes and photos from the artist’s private collection.

Griff was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 1989 and is celebrated as one of Canada’s most successful country songwriters. The Entertainer—Greatest U.S. and Canadian Hits is a long overdue tribute to this multitalented international hit maker.


1.     Your Lily White Hands

2.     The Sugar from My Candy

3.     The Entertainer

4.     Patches

5.     The Mornin’ After Baby Left Me Down

6.     It Rains Just the Same in Missouri

7.     A Song for Everyone

8.     What Got to You (Before It Got to Me)

9.     Darlin’

10.  That Doesn’t Mean (I Don’t Love My God)

11. The Hill

12.   If That’s What It Takes

13.  You Ring My Bell

14.  If I Let Her Come In

15. That’s What I Get (For Doin’ My Own Thinkin’)

16.  I Love the Way That You Love Me

17.  The Last of the Winfield Amateurs

18.  A Passing Thing

19.  A Cold Day in July

20.  Raymond’s Place

21. Canada

22.  Draw Me a Line

23.   If Tomorrow Never Comes

24.  What My Woman Does to Me

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