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Pentangle Sweet Child (2-LP Set)

$ 29.98

Pentangle Was One of the Most Distinctive and Musically Accomplished Groups to Emerge from the ‘60s

A Blend of Jazz, British Folk, Rock, Blues, and Even Classical

Featured the Unbeatable Twin Guitar Attack of Bert Jansch and John Renbourn

Also the Sublime Rhythm Section of Bassist Danny Thompson and Percussionist Terry Cox

Capped Off by the Piercingly Clear Vocals of Jacqui McShee

Sweet Child Was Their Second Album, Released in 1968

Double Album, Half Live at Royal Festival Hall, Half Recorded at IBC Studios

Produced by the Great Shel Talmy (Kinks, Who)

Features Everything from Mingus covers (of “Haitian Fight Song” and “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat”) to Trad Folk (“No More My Lord;” “Bruton Town”) to Pentangle Originals (“In Time;” “In Your Mind,” “A Woman Like You,” and the Title Tune)

Reissue Sports Original Gatefold Cover Art by Peter Blake, the Artist Who Designed Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

50th Anniversary Edition

Sky Blue Vinyl Pressing

Limited to 700 Copies

Pentangle is one of those bands that, after you hear them for the first time, you have to turn your friends on to their sound. And what a unique sound it is, too; the interlocking interplay of guitar masters Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, the piercingly beautiful vocals of Jacqui McShee, and the sublimely agile shuffle of bassist Danny Thompson and percussionist Terry Cox create a style that seamlessly straddles jazz, traditional British folk, rock, blues, and even classical. And, perhaps most importantly, it swings! Sweet Child, their second album, is probably their finest hour (and a half); the first disc of this double-LP captures the quintet live at Royal Festival Hall on June 29, 1968, while disc two brings them into IBC studios, all under the magisterial eye of legendary producer Shel Talmy. You'll hear everything from Mingus covers (of "Haitian Fight Song" and "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat") to trad folk ("No More My Lord;" "Bruton Town") to Pentangle originals ("In Time;" "In Your Mind," "A Woman Like You," and the title tune) rendered in their trademark lyrical fashion. For this LP reissue, we have stayed true to the wonderful gatefold art originally created by Peter Blake, the artist who designed Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and pressed up a limited edition of 700 copies in sky blue vinyl. A beautiful record that deserves repeated spins …a proud addition, on the 50th anniversary of its release, to our Real Gone Music roster!


Side One

1. Market Song
2. No More My Lord
3. Turn Your Money Green 4. Haitian Fight Song
5. A Woman Like You
6. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

Side Two

1. Three Dances
(a) Brentzel Gay
(b) La Rotta
(c) The Earle of Salisbury

2. Watch the Stars
3. So Early in the Spring
4. No Exit
5. The Time Has Come

6. Bruton Town


Side One

1. Sweet Child
2. I Loved a Lass
3. Three-Part Thing

4. Sovay
5. In Time

Side Two

1. In Your Mind
2. I’ve Got a Feeling
3. The Trees They Do Grow High

4. Moon Dog
5. Hole in My Coal


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