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Nils Lofgren CD

$ 43.98

As Nils Lofgren himself puts it in his notes for our Real Gone reissue of this classic record, “My first self-titled solo album, affectionately nicknamed the ‘Fat Man’ album [after the front cover photo], remains a colorful and dramatic chapter in my musical and personal life. And still, one of my best albums.” Indeed, this 1975 release spawned a couple of instant classics in “Back It Up” and the Keith Richards homage “Keith Don’t Go (Ode to the Glimmer Twin),” plus an exceptional cover of Carole King’s “Goin’ Back” among its many high points. And while some fans familiar with Nils’ work with Grin and Neil Young were expecting more guitar flash, the spare production by David Briggs and the funky, sympathetic rhythm section of Aynsley Dunbar and Wornell Jones put the focus where it belonged: on the songs. The reputation of Nils Lofgren has only grown over the years, but its only recent appearance on CD in this country was on a long out of print limited edition release; our Real Gone version features liner notes from Nils that take you behind the scenes in the studio and even on the album art photo shoot, and adds some rare pictures to boot. You gotta have this one if you’re a ‘70s rocker.


  1. Be Good Tonight
  2. Back It Up
  3. One More Saturday Night
  4. If I Say So, It’s So
  5. I Don’t Want to Know
  6. Keith Don’t Go (Ode to the Glimmer Twin)
  7. Can’t Buy a Break
  8. Duty
  9. The Sun Hasn’t Set on This Boy Yet
  10. Rock and Roll Crook
  11. Two by Two
  12. Goin’ Back

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