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New Christy Minstrels CD

$ 18.98

The New Christy Minstrels: A Retrospective 1962-1970. CD

• First-Ever Comprehensive Single-CD Retrospective of the All-Time Great Folk Group

• Includes the Big Hits "Green Green," "Today" and "Saturday Night"

• Four Tracks Make Their CD Debut

• Features Such Legendary Artists as Barry McGuire, Kenny Rogers and Randy Sparks

• Thorough Notes by NCM Historian Tom Pickles

There have been a few Christy hits collections before, but none like this one.  Here, at last, is a comprehensive (75 minutes-plus), single-CD chronicle of the evolution of the New Christy Minstrels – beginning with their earliest recordings with founder Randy Sparks in 1962 through the turbulent ‘Sixties and ending with a sampling of their first recordings in the next decade. 

Sequenced in chronological order, the 25 tracks have been carefully chosen to include their biggest hits (“Green Green,” “Today,” and “Saturday Night”), standout album tracks (“This Land Is Your Land,” “Preacher and the Bear,” “Julianne” and “Blacksmith of Brandywine”), as well as recordings that represent their best efforts to adapt to changing times (“The Girl from Ipanema,” “Highflyin’ Bird,” and “Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings”).   Unlike any other Christy release, this collection features more spotlight solos by some of the biggest talents who passed through the ranks.  Of course, you’ll hear the voices of the key players who defined the early Christy sound -- Randy Sparks, Barry McGuire, Nick Woods, Art Podell and Karen Gunderson -- but you’ll also hear rare tracks by Bob Buchanan (later a member of The International Submarine Band with Gram Parsons) and a young fellow from Texas by the name of Kenny Rogers.  Also, this set includes four Christy tracks that are making their CD debut, including the rare studio recording of “Walk the Road” (their concert opener in ’63 and ’64) and a beautiful ballad penned by Minstrel Gary Fishbaugh called “Door into Tomorrow.”

The set is accentuated with rare photos and behind-the-scenes liner notes by Christy historian, Tom Pickles.


1.              This Land Is Your Land                                          

2.              Denver                                                                                                 

3.              The Story of the Preacher and the Bear                                

4.              Susianna                                                                                             

5.              Julianne                                                                                               

6.              Jimmy Grove and Barbara Ellen                                                        

7.              Walk the Road                                                                                

8.              Green, Green                                                               

9.              Last Farewell   

10.           Beautiful City                                                                           

11.           Saturday Night                                                                                               

12.           Blacksmith of Brandywine                                          

13.           Today                                                                                                          

14.           Company of Cowards                                                                         

15.           (The Story of) Waltzing Matilda                                               

16.           Listen, I’ll Sing You the Blues                                         

17.           God Bless the Child                                                               

18.           Oh, Miss Mary                                                                                      

19.           Chim Chim Cher-ee (album version)                                                            

20.           The Girl from Ipanema                                                        

21.           Highflyin’ Bird                                                                   

22.           Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings                                     

23.           Chitty Chitty Bang Bang                                                                    

24.           Door Into Tomorrow                                                          

25.           You Need Someone to Love  

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