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Mason Williams Ear CD

$ 13.98

MASON WILLIAMS: The Mason Williams Phonograph Record. CD

  • The Releases That Brought Prodigiously Talented Multi-Instrumentalist/Writer/ Poet/Artist Mason Williams to Fame
  • Phonograph Record Includes the #1 Hit Instrumental "Classical Gas"
  • Ear Show Makes Its CD Debut
  • Liner Notes by Gene Sculatti Include Exclusive Quotes from Mason Williams
  • Unique Listening Experiences from a True American Original

Released within a few months of his smash debut The Mason Williams Phonograph Record, The Mason Williams Ear Show is very much of a piece with its predecessor, except that its musical roaming goes even farther afield, as “Generatah-Oscillatah” brings a moog synthesizer into Wiiliams’ ever-eclectic mix. Listeners drawn to this record expecting another “Classical Gas” definitely got more than they bargained for; The Mason Williams Ear Show is one of the first post-modernist pop albums. CD debut!


1.   Road Song

2.   Baroque-A-Nova

3.   (Whistle) Hear

4.   The Last Great Waltz

5.   One Minute Commercial

6.   $13 Stella

7.   Love Are Wine

8.  Cinderella-Rockefella

9.  Generatah-Oscillatah

10. Saturday Night at the World

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