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Marc Jonson Years (Expanded Edition) CD

$ 11.98

  • Marc Jonson’s Debut Album Years Is One of the Rarest and Most Treasured Albums in the Voluminous Vanguard Vaults

  • Never Reissued on Vinyl or CD or Even Bootlegged

  • A Lost Psych/Folk Baroque Pop Masterpiece Reminiscent of Tim Buckley’s Goodbye and Hello,
    Phil Ochs’ Pleasures of the Harbor, and Bill Fay’s Self-Titled First Album, with the Intimate Touch of Big Star

  • Expanded Reissue Includes Four Bonus Tracks Featuring a Non-LP Single Side and Single Mixes

  • Produced for Reissue by Pat Thomas

  • Liner Notes by Steve Simels Feature a Detailed Interview with Marc Jonson

  • Remastered from Original Tapes by John Baldwin 

  • The Vanguard Records label is known for some obscure gems, but Marc Jonson's 1972 debut album Years, just might be the rarest—and the fairest—of them all! Not only has it never been reissued on vinyl or CD or even bootlegged, but this lost psych folk/baroque pop masterpiece marked quite a departure for a label known for its traditional folk, blues, and roots music. Comparisons have been made to Tim Buckley's Goodbye & Hello, Phil Ochs' Pleasures of the Harbor, Bill Fay's first album as well as other obscure Popsike legends such as Bobb Trimble, John Pantry, and David Stoughton…throw in a touch of the intimate vibe of Big Star and you’ll have an idea of the coolness that awaits those who discover (or rediscover) this cult classic. As Jonson remarks in the liner notes, "I used left over harpsichords from classical sessions the night before. I hired string players and a string arranger. I even met a street player named Steven Gardner who played the recorder!"  Produced for reissue by Pat Thomas, this expanded reissue of Years sports many rare vintage photos, a detailed interview with Marc Jonson by Steve Simels , an ace remastering job (from the original tapes) by John Baldwin , and four bonus tracks featuring plus a non-LP single and several 7 inch single mixes, all never before on CD!

    1. Rainy Dues
    2. Mary
    3. Mother Jane
    4. Fly 
    5. A Long Song
    6. Autopsy
    7. Return to the Relief
    8. Munich
    9. The Tredmill
    10. I'm Coming Up to Boston
    11. Rainy Dues
    12. Mother Jane
    13. Fly

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