Loudon Wainwright III The Atlantic Recordings CD

$ 19.98

  • Perhaps No Singer-Songwriter Has Ever Bared His or Her Soul Quite Like Loudon Wainwright III 

  • His First Two Albums, Cut for Atlanticin1970and1971, Respectively, Tackled Such Subjects as Lust, Suicide, and Fear of Parenthood Head On 

  • Belying Their Serious Subject Matter, They Are Also Among the Funniest Singer-Songwriter Records Ever Made 

  • Both Records Appear on The Atlantic Recordings Along with a Bonus Track 

  • Originally Released as a Limited Edition That Sold Out Immediately 

  • Back in Print by Popular Demand

No singer-songwriter has ever stared at himself in the mirror with quite the intense honesty displayed by Loudon Wainwright III throughout his career, but his first two albums, cut for Atlantic in 1970 and 1971, respectively, really bare the soul to a degree perhaps only rivaled by John Lennon’s first solo album with the Plastic Ono Band. Lust, suicidal feelings, fear of parenthood; all are grist for Loudon’s songwriting mill—with such fearless introspection, little wonder he later became an acclaimed actor. But if this all sounds like a tedious wallow, it’s not, for Wainwright is also probably the funniest singer-songwriter ever (Sample rhyming couplet: “And a baby can spot your shtick/All the coochy coochy coo is a lot of poo poo when you spread it on that thick”). This Real Gone release finally brings to retail the original limited edition Rhino Handmade set that was only available online, and then only for a heartbeat before it sold out, complete with bonus track (“Drinking Song”). These 24 tracks represent Loudon’s complete Atlantic recordings…indispensable stuff!


 1. School Days
 2. Hospital Lady
 3. Ode to a Pittsburgh
 4. Glad to See You've Got Religion
 5. Uptown
 6. Black Uncle Remus
 7. Four Is a Magic Number
 8. I Don't Care
 9. Central Square Song
 10. Movies Are a Mother to Me
 11. Bruno's Place
 12. Me and My Friend the Cat
 13. Motel Blues
 14. Nice Jewish Girls
 15. Be Careful There's a Baby in the House
 16. I Know I'm Unhappy/Suicide Song/Glenville Reel
 17. Saw Your Name in the Paper
 18. Samson and the Warden
 19. Plane, Too
 20. Cook That Dinner, Dora
 21. Old Friend
 22. Old Paint
 23. Winter Song
 24. Drinking Song

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