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Larry Coryell Coryell CD

$ 10.98

Larry Coryell Is One of the Greatest—and Most Underappreciated—Guitarists of All Time 

His Second Solo Album, 1969’s Coryell, Has Never Come Out on CD

Features an All-Star Cast of Ron Carter, Bernard Purdie, Albert Stinson, Chuck Rainey, and Jim Pepper

A Blend of Improvisation (e.g. “The Jam with Albert”) and Arranged Material

Coryell’s Playing Puts Him Right Up There with Jimi Hendrix and John McLaughlin Among Late-‘60s Jazz-Inflected Guitar Heroes

Liner Notes by Bill Kopp Include Exclusive Quotes from Larry Coryell

Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision 

Larry Coryell is one of the greatest guitarists ever to walk the face of the earth, but he remains somewhat underappreciated—witness the fact that this, his second solo album, has never been released on CD until this Real Gone reissue! 1969’s Coryell offers an intriguing blend of improvised and arranged pieces, with an all-star cast that includes Ron Carter, Bernard Purdie, Albert Stinson (“The Jam with Albert” is perhaps the highlight of the entire album), Chuck Rainey, and Free Spirits bandmate Jim Pepper. Jimi Hendrix is definitely an influence on this jazz-rock gem, but Coryell takes his axe in directions only known to him; at this time, only John McLaughlin (with whom Coryell would shortly cut the one-off Spaces) could rival him in the fusion field. Bill Kopp’s notes include copious quotes from Larry Coryell himself; Mike Milchner’s remastering lets this overlooked album shine.

1. Sex
2. Beautiful Woman
3. The Jam with Albert
4. Elementary Guitar Solo #5
5. No One Really Knows
6. Morning Sickness
7. Ah Wuv Ooh

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