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Jimmy Griffin CD

$ 12.98

JIMMY GRIFFIN: Summer Holiday CD

• CD Debut for the Future Bread Star's 1963 Reprise Album 

• Produced by Jimmy Bowen, Arranged by Jack Nitzsche 

• Features "Wrecking Crew" of Leon Russell, Glen Campbell, Hal Blaine et al. 

• Includes Griffin's Non-LP Singles for Reprise as Bonus Tracks 

• Liner Notes and Photos 

Bread fans might know him better as James Griffin, but back in 1963 Jimmy Griffin was one of the up-and-comers on the artist roster of Frank Sinatra’s Reprise label. So up and coming, in fact, that the label’s newly-hired head of A&R, Jimmy Bowen, elected to produce his debut record himself and bring in Jack Nitzsche to arrange. The result was one of those great, early-‘60s productions that was a little bit pop, a little bit country and a little bit rock, with backing by the vaunted Wrecking Crew of Leon Russell, Hal Blaine, Glen Campbell et al. (Campbell contributes a couple of tunes to the album). Amazingly, Summer Holiday makes its CD debut here, augmented by all of Jimmy’s non-LP Reprise singles, with notes by musician friend Brian Gari and photos. Classic pop from the future Bread singing/songwriting stalwart!


1.   Summer Holiday

2.   Too Young

3.   She Used to Be Mine

4.   Summertime Blues

5.   My Baby Made Me Cry

6.   Love Letters in the Sand

7.   You’re Tempting Me

8.   Cold Rainy Day

9.   What Kind of Girl Are You

10. The Bully

11. A Little Like Lovin’

12. Sealed with a Kiss


13. Girls Grow Up Faster

14. It’s a Free Country

15. Little Miss Cool

16. Marie Is Moving

17. All My Loving

18. Running to You

19. Gotta Lotta Love

20. Try

21. You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You

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