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Henry Mancini 10 CD

$ 29.98

Would you believe that the score to “10” has never been out on CD in the U.S. (and only briefly out on CD in Europe on a spotty-sounding release)? This soundtrack has so much going for it—it was composed by one of the greatest soundtrack and pop composers of all time, it featured the great Julie Andrews on vocals, a beautiful piano solo from Dudley Moore, and it was a charting soundtrack to a hit movie, for Pete’s sake! Not to mention that Mancini fans LOVE his work on this film, counting it among his best soundtrack efforts. So search us why it took till now to release this classic score on CD, but here it is, the original 1979 soundtrack album, courtesy of your popcorn-munching friends at Real Gone Music!


1. Don’t Call It Love (Main Title) (Instrumental)

2. He Pleases Me (vocals Julie Andrews)

3. Keyboard Harmony

4. It’s Easy to Say (with chorus)

5. Something for Jenny

6. Don’t Call It Love(with chorus)

7. Get It On (with chorus)

8. It’s Easy to Say (Duet) (vocals Julie Andrews and Dudley Moore)

9. The Hot Sand Mexican Band

10. I Have an Ear for Love (vocals The Reverend - Max Showalter)

11. It’s Easy to Say (Instrumental) (piano solo Dudley Moore)

12. Ravel’s Bolero

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