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Fanny Fanny Hill CD

$ 21.98

FANNY: Fanny Hill (Expanded Edition) CD

AUTOGRAPHED COPIES ARE NOW SOLD OUT but the regular version is still available. 

  • Fanny Was the First All-Female Rock Band Signed to a Major Label (Reprise), and Their Albums Have a Devoted Cult Following
  • Fanny Hill, Their Third Album, Took Them to Abbey Road to Record with Producer Richard Perry and Beatles Engineer Geoff Emerick
  • Their Most Varied and Ambitious Album, Featuring a Mix of Rockers and Socially-Conscious Ballads, and the One Most Requested for Reissue by Their Fans
  • Expanded Edition Includes Six Bonus Tracks
  • New Liner Notes by the Band
  • Rare Photos

Fanny had already stepped into some big shoes by being the first all-female rock band signed to a major label, but with the release of 1972’s Fanny Hill, they took things to a new level, recording at Abbey Road with producer Richard Perry and famed Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick (the album includes a Beatles homage with a cover of “Hey Bulldog”). And the result was Fanny’s most varied and ambitious album, sporting a beautiful mix of ballads and rockers and a mature, socially conscious lyrical approach. Not coincidentally, it’s long been the most-requested reissue in the Fanny catalog, and we’re adding six bonus tracks to the original release along with new liner notes from the band and rare photos. Another essential, expanded Fanny album from Real Gone Music!


1.   Ain’t That Peculiar

2.   Knock on My Door

3.   Blind Alley

4.   You’ve Got a Home

5.   Wonderful Feeling

6.   Borrowed Time

7.   Hey Bulldog

8.   Think About the Children

9.   Rock Bottom Blues

10. Sound and the Fury

11. The First Time

Bonus Tracks 

12. Tomorrow

13. Wonderful Feeling (single version)

14. Young and Dumb (single)

15. No Deposit, No Return (unissued)

16. Rock Bottom Blues (Backing Track)

17. Rock Bottom Blues (original vocal)

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