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Fairport Convention Live In Finland 1971. CD

$ 11.98

  • Fairport Convention Has Been the British Folk Rock Band for Almost 50 Years 

  • Famous for Hosting the Annual Crop redy Festival 

  • Fairport’s 1971 Line-Up of Drummer Dave Mattacks, Guitarist Simon Nicol, Bassist Dave Pegg, and Fiddler Dave Swarbrick Was

    Their Hardest-Rocking Line-Up If Not Their Most Widely Known 

  • This UNRELEASED August 1971 Concert Captures the Band in Between Their Underrated Albums Angel Delight and “Babbacombe” Lee

  • The Set List Includes Rare Tracks Like “Mason’s Apron” and “Sir B. McKenzie’s Daughter’s Lament”

  • Also Includes Favorites like “Sir Patrick Spens” and “Matty Groves”

  • Excellent Recording with an Ample Bottom End, Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision

  • Richie Unterberger’s Notes Include Quotes from Simon Nicol and Dave Pegg

  • Added Photos and Memorabilia from Fairport’s Own Collection 

  • A Major Addition to Their Vast Discography 

Hosts of the annual Cropredy Festival and a mere year shy of their 50th anniversary, Fairport Convention is THE British folk-rock group, and many of the most talented and celebrated musicians in the scene have passed through their ranks. Of their many line-ups, generally it’s the Richard Thompson-Ashley Hutchings-Sandy Denny era that gets the most attention, followed by the return of Denny in the mid-‘70s with husband Trevor Lucas. But if there is one line-up that really doesn’t get its due, it would be the quartet of guitarist Simon Nicol, bassist Dave Pegg, fiddler Dave Swarbrick, and drummer Dave Mattacks that remained after Richard Thompson departed following Full House. Together, the four made two fine, underrated studio albums, Angel Delight and “Babbacombe” Lee, but live—as this unreleased August 1971 concert demonstrates—they were a revelation. Never during any of its eras did Fairport rock harder, and, though the band lacked any lead vocalist of the stature of Denny or Iain Matthews, all four members of the group sang and sang well, which lent their on-stage act extra energy. The show begins with the viola/violin duet between Nicol and Swarbrick on “Bridge over the River Ash” that appeared on Angel Delight along with the second track, “The Journeyman’s Grace,” but then the set list gets delightfully obscure for Fairport fans with a piledriving version of “Mason’s Apron,” a tune that never showed up on any of their studio albums. Old faves “Sir Patrick Spens” (from Full House) and “Matty Groves” (from Liege and Lief) follow, but then the band launches into the rollicking three-song medley “Sir B. McKenzie’s Daughter’s Lament” which only appeared on a 1970 single and whose extended original title vied for entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest of its kind. The show winds up with the more elegiac “Sir William Gower” from Angel Delight, but, make no mistake, this is one blazing set of music, and the ample low-end of this concert recording—mastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision—will have you dancing a jig across your living room. With notes by Richie Unterberger featuring quotes from the band, and photos from the Fairport archives, this is a major addition to the band’s vast discography.

Track listing:


1. Bridge over the River Ash
2. The Journeyman's Grace
3. Mason's Apron
4. Sir Patrick Spens
5. Matty Groves
6. Sir B. McKenzie's Daughter's Lament
7. Sir William Gower

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