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Durocs CD

$ 12.98


• First Time on CD for Legendary 1979 Power Pop Album from Scott Mathews and Ron Nagle

• Includes Eight Unreleased "Bone Us" Tracks

• Liner Notes by Gene Sculatti Feature Fresh Quotes from the Band

• Unseen Photos Augment Elaborate Original Packaging

• Remastered at Battery Studios in NYC with Input from the Durocs

This Real Gone release will have power pop fans squealing with delight! Named after a breed of hog known for being great producers with oversized ears and genitalia, the Durocs were the brainchild of Scott Mathews and Ron Nagle, each of whom came to the project with an impressive pedigree. Mathews had played at the Fillmore with Elvin Bishop at the age of 15, formed a band (Ice) with future Journey lead singer Steve Perry, and, with the guidance of music industry legends Jack Nitzsche and David Rubinson, was one of the music industry’s most sought-after session men and producers. Nagle, meanwhile, had been the main singer-songwriter and keyboard player in the Mystery Trend and had released a cult classic solo album produced by Nitzsche, Bad Rice. Together, the two wrote songs for legendary artists that sold in the millions and released their own album in 1979 that received a 5-star rating in Rolling Stone and scored some European hits—then promptly proceeded to torpedo their career by, as legend has it, breaking into a Capitol Records sales meeting with midgets blasting fanfare trumpets and squealing pigs running through the legs of record executives.

Now, for the first time EVER, and with the full cooperation of Mathews and Nagle, this legendary album is being reissued on CD with no less than eight unreleased “bone us” tracks, complete with liner notes penned by Gene Sculatti featuring quotes from the duo and pictures from their private archives. Power pop fans—it’s time to bring home the bacon. 


  1. Hog Wild
  2. Lie to Me
  3. Don’t Let the Dream Die
  4. We Do Good Together
  5. No Fool No Fun
  6. It Hurts to Be in Love
  7. Seeker (You Be Sucker)
  8. True Love
  9. One Day at a Time
  10. 10. Saving It All Up for Larry

Bonus Tracks:

11.  Pete Has Got the Power

12.  No Big Deal

13.  There’s Always You

14.  Stranger on the Street

15.  Drinking’ One Day at a Time

16.  Love with a Capital “L”

17.  Burn and Chill

18.  Nawgahide

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