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  • Led by Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton, Cowboy Quietly Put Out Four Great Albums for the Capricorn Label During the ‘70s
  • All Four of Them Languished Out of Print for Years Until Real Gone Music Began Reissuing Them Several Years Ago

  • Boyer & Talton and Cowboy Are The Last Two Records Cowboy Recorded for Capricorn

  • CD Debut for Both Releases

  • Appropriate Timing for Release with the Recent Passings of Producer Johnny Sandlin and Band Co-Founder Scott Boyer

  • Liner Notes by Scott Schinder Featuring Exclusive Quotes from Tommy Talton

  • Photos from Talton’s Private Archive

  • Both Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision

  • Boyer & Talton Boasted a Great Band of Capricorn Regular Bill Stewart on Drums, Future Charlie Daniels Band Bassist Charlie Hayward, Allman Brothers Band Members Chuck Leavell and Jaimoe on Keyboards and Percussion, Respectively, and Saxophonists

    Randall Bramblett and David Brown

  • Also Featured a Cameo from Toy Caldwell of The Marshall Tucker Band

  • Produced by Johnny Sandlin

  • Most of the Band Backed Gregg Allman on the Laid BackAlbum, and Went on Tour with Him

  • Expanded Edition Features the Two Tracks on theGregg Allman on Tour Album That Highlighted Cowboy, “Time Will Take Us” and “Where Can You Go?”

  • Cowboy’s 1977 Self-Titled Album Brought A Whole New Band into the Studio: Arch Pearson on Bass,
    Chip Condon on Keyboards, and Chip Miller on Drums

  • Also a New Producer in Capricorn Engineer Sam Whiteside

  • New, Pop-Savvy, Country-Rock Sound but Still Great Songwriting from Boyer and Talton

  • Standout Tracks “Takin’ It All the Way,” “Pat’s Song,” “Everybody Knows Your Name” and the Latin-tinged “Straight into Love” Make Cowboy a Worthy Last Hurrah for One of the Best-Kept Secrets of the ‘70s

Having released the first two Cowboy albums to great acclaim, and with the recent passing of producer Johnny Sandlin and the even more recent passing of Scott Boyer himself, it seemed like a good time to circle back to the last two Cowboy records for Capricorn, which, like our first two reissues, feature liner notes by Scott Schinder featuring great quotes from Tommy Talton and pictures from Tommy’s private archive. Talton and Scott Boyer just kept cranking out one great tune after another on their 1977 self-titled album, their last for Capricorn and the last made under their name until 2011. In the producer’s chair this time was Capricorn house engineer Sam Whiteside, while the band featured Arch Pearson on bass, Chip Condon on keyboards, and Chip Miller on drums. The band’s sound shifted to a more pop-savvy, country-rock sound, but Boyer and Talton's wry, thoughtful songwriting continued to ring true, and such numbers as "Takin' It All the Way," "Pat's Song," "Everybody Knows Your Name" and the Latin-tinged "Straight into Love" demonstrated that the new Cowboy lineup was adept at navigating the novel stylistic wrinkles. Shortly thereafter, the band folded, fittingly, at just about the same time the Capricorn label did, but Cowboy remains a worthy last hurrah. CD debut, remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision!


  1. Takin' It All the Way
  2. Now That I Know
  3. Pat's Song
  4. Straight into Love
  5. Everybody Knows Your Name
  6. What Can I Call It?
  7. Nobody Else's Man
  8. Except for Real
  9. Satisfy
  10. River to the Sea

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