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Cowboy Copas (2CD Set)

$ 19.98

Cowboy Copas: Complete Hit Singles A's & B's. 2CD Set

• Most Comprehensive Cowboy Copas Collection Ever Compiled

• Includes Every Hit Featuring "Alabam," "Filipino Baby" and "Signed, Sealed and Delivered"

• Rare B-Sides Included

• Notes by GrammyTM-Winning Writer Colin Escott

• Photos from the King-Starday Label Archives

• Freshly Remastered

To many, Lloyd Estel “Cowboy” Copas is just a footnote to the Patsy Cline legend, having perished in the same plane crash that claimed her life and that of Hawkshaw Hawkins; but what many folks don’t realize is that Cope had 14 hits during his lifetime while Patsy had but nine. Clearly, the intervening years have burnished and magnified Patsy’s legend; they’ve also unjustly neglected this early Grand Ole Opry stalwart.

Now, Real Gone Music has assembled the most comprehensive Cowboy Copas collection to date: two CDs, 30 tracks including every hit and its accompanying, rarely‐if‐ever‐compiled B‐side. Cope got his start in Pee Wee King’s band, and you can hear a bit of that bandleader’s freewheeling approach to country in these songs, but you can also hear a bunch of other influences, too. In fact, as Colin Escott puts it in the accompanying liner notes, “His records were so personable and so unlike any others from that day and time. Not honky tonk, not bluegrass, not western swing, not hillbilly, not pop crossover, they could be labelled Cowboy Copas records.”

Offering both his complete hits and the rare B‐sides, along with thorough annotation and photos from the King‐Starday label archives, this Cowboy Copas collection is the one to have. Essential country spanning the years from 1946 to 1963, the year Cope died.



1. Filipino Baby 2. I Don’t Blame You 3. Breeze 4. Dolly Dear 5. Signed, Sealed and Delivered 6. Opportunity Is Knocking 7. Tennessee Waltz 8. How Much Do I Owe You 9. Tennessee Moon 10. The Hope of a Broken Heart 11. I’m Waltzing with Tears in My Eyes 12. Down in Nashville, Tennessee 13. Candy Kisses 14. Forever 15. Hangman’s Boogie 16. Blue Pacific Waltz


1. The Strange Little Girl 2. You’ll Never Ever See Me Cry 3. ‘Tis Sweet to Be Remembered 4. Because of You 5. Alabam 6. I Can 7. Flat Top 8. True Love (Is the Greatest Thing) 9. Sunny Tennessee 10. Dreaming 11. Signed, Sealed and Delivered (second version) 12. New Filipino Baby 13. Goodbye Kisses 14. The Gypsy Girl

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