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Clint Walker Inspiration (Expanded Edition) CD

$ 10.98

  • The Multi-Talented Clint Walker Took a Break from His Starring Role in the TV Western Cheyenne to Record This 1959 Album 

  • Quite Respectable Crosby-Like Crooning on Country Gospel Material 

  • Backed by Arranger-Conductor Ralph Carmichael, Vocal Arranger Jimmy Joyce and Hollywood’s Top Session Men Including Organist Buddy Cole 

  • Expanded Edition Adds the CD Debut of Clint’s Single-Only Rendition of “Silver Bells” 

  • Notes Feature Quotes from Clint Himself 

  • Added Photos 

Much like his namesake Clint Eastwood (whose sole album is also a Real Gone release), Clint Walker was the star of a TV western (Cheyenne) who parlayed his TV stardom into a recording contract, and, like Clint, being a TV cowboy he went country on this 1959 Warner Bros. release. Or rather country gospel, for Clint’s Crosby-like croonings reveal a somewhat gentler soul than his steely-eyed counterpart. In fact, Clint is a heck of a singer, and the label surrounded him with top-notch talent, in this case arranger/conductor Ralph Carmichael, vocal arranger Jimmy Joyce and Hollywood's finest session men including organist Buddy Cole for what is an unexpectedly musically satisfying affair that has since become something of a cult classic. And for this Expanded Edition, we’ve added Clint’s single-only rendition of “Silver Bells!” Notes by Todd Everett featuring quotes from Clint plus photos round out the set.

1. With These Hands
2. Without a Song
3. Whispering Hope
4. Bluebird of Happiness
5. Love's Old Sweet Song
6. I Believe
7. The Kentuckian Song
8. Twilight on the Trail
9. Love at Home
10. When Day Is Gone
11. America the Beautiful
12. My Kind of Country
13. Silver Bells

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