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Cat Mother The Street Give CD

$ 14.98

Let’s get the preliminaries over with right away by stating that this album, the 1969 debut release from Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys, was co-produced by none other than Jimi Hendrix (they were long-time friends, the band opened for the Experience on tour, and had the misfortune of sharing the same manager, Mike Jeffrey). But Cat Mother was far more than a footnote to a superstar’s career. Not only did this record score a Top 40 hit with “Good Old Rock ‘N Roll,” but it’s also a marvelously eclectic affair beloved by record collectors of every stripe—just do a quick Google search—with elements of folk, country and late ‘60s riff rock alongside the hit’s tongue-in-cheek revivalism. This album’s been briefly reissued on CD twice before and commands huge sums online; it’s not JUST for Hendrix completists (though they will want it, too)!


1.   Good Old Rock ‘N’ Roll

2.   Favors

3.   Charlie’s Waltz

4.   How I Spent My Summer

5.   Marie

6.   Probably Won’t

7.   Can You Dance to It?

8.   Bramble Bush

9.   Bad News

10. Boston Burglar

11. Track in “A” (Nebraska Nights)

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