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Carol Burnett Sings CD

$ 10.98

Carol Burnett: Sings (Expanded Edition). CD

Carol Burnett Is the Greatest Comedienne of Her Generation 

 In Fact, She Is Such a Great Entertainer That Her Prodigious Vocal Talents Tend to Be Overlooked

This 1967 RCA LP Was Released as a Tie-In with the Launch of Her Legendary, Emmy-Winning CBS-TV Series

Though It Sports a Picture of Carol as Her Iconic, Sad-Sack Maid Character on the Cover, She Sings Rings Around This Collection of Show and Pop Tunes

Arranged by Mort Garson and Ernie Freeman

First-Ever Reissue in Any Form

Real Gone Music’s Expanded Edition Includes “Make Me Rainbows,” an Unreleased Outtake from the Album Sessions, and “The Bullfrog Patrol” from the Obscure NBC-TV Soundtrack Album The General Motors 50th Anniversary Show

New Liner Notes by Joe Marchese Accompany Carol’s Pal Julie Andrews’ Original Sleeve Notes

Remastered by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York 

It’s no wonder folks tend to forget that Carol Burnett was and is a heckuva singer; that’s what happens when you’re arguably the most talented and accomplished comedienne of your generation. Indeed, although Carol’s pose as her iconic maid character on the cover of this 1967 RCA LP was a tie-in with the launch of Carol’s legendary, long-running, Emmy-winning CBS-TV series, one could also view it as a commentary on her recording career—always the (brides)maid, never the bride. But make no mistake about this record—after starring on Broadway in the acclaimed musical Once Upon A Matress and working her way up the ranks of TV’s top variety programs—Carol simply sings rings around this engaging collection of show and pop tunes, with arranging and conducting duties shared between the estimable Mort Garson and Ernie Freeman. Now reissued for the first time anywhere, we’ve added two bonus tracks for our Expanded Edition: “Make Me Rainbows,” an unreleased Alan & Marilyn Bergman/John Williams composed outtake from the album sessions, and “The Bullfrog Patrol” from the obscure 1958 NBC-TV soundtrack album The General Motors 50th Anniversary Show. With liner notes by Joe Marchese augmenting Carol’s pal Julie Andrews’ original sleeve notes, and digital remastering by Maria Triana at Battery Studios in New York, Carol Burnett: Sings provides yet more evidence that Carol Burnett is a national treasure.


 1. Sunny
 2. Enter Laughing
 3. I Believe It All
 4. There's No Business Like Show Business
 5. Nobody's Baby (Am I)
 6. What Did I Have That I Don't Have
 7. Georgy Girl
 8. Meantime
 9. Fortuosity
 10. Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie
 Bonus Tracks
 11. Make Me Rainbows
 12. The Bullfrog Patrol

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