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Bob Crewe (2CD Set)

$ 16.98

BOB CREWE: The Complete Elektra Recordings (2-CD Set)

The Late, Great Bob Crewe was “The Fifth Season” and One of Pop Music’s True Renaissance Men as a Songwriter, Producer, Singer, Artist & Entrepreneur

With Bob Gaudio, Crewe Produced Most of the Four Seasons’ Biggest Hits

Crewe Also Wrote Such Legendary Tunes as “Can’t Take My Eyes off You,” “Jenny, Take a Ride” and “Lady Marmalade”

During 1976 & 1977, Crewe Was Signed to Elektra Records, Where He Recorded Two Albums, Neither of Which Have Been Out on CD in the U.S.

1976’s Street Talk Resurrected The Bob Crewe Generation for a “Disco-Rock-Ballet” Concept Album Aimed at Broadway

1977’s Motivation Teamed Crewe with Jerry Wexler and Famed Muscle Shoals Session Man Barry Beckett for a Singer- Songwriter Album Inspired by Carole King’s Tapestry

The Complete Elektra Recordings Includes Both Albums on a 2-CD Set Jammed with a Host of Never-on-CD Bonus Tracks Featuring Rare Singles and Re-Mixes

The Complete Elektra Recordings Also Marks the First Collaboration Between Real Gone Music and Online Music Reissue Maven Site The Second Disc

Liner Notes by The Second Disc’s Own Joe Marchese

A Timely Tribute to a Pop Music Giant 

What do “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” “Jenny, Take a Ride” and “Lady Marmalade” all have in common?  Each one of those songs came from the pen from Bob Crewe.  A songwriter, producer, singer, entrepreneur, artist and candidate for the title of “Fifth Season,” Crewe was one of music’s true renaissance men.  With Bob Gaudio, he co-wrote and produced most of the Four Seasons’ greatest hits, and he also guided the careers of Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Oliver, and many others.  Yet one period of his extraordinary career has been long overlooked…until now.  During 1976 and 1977, Crewe was signed to Elektra Records, where he released two remarkably diverse albums.  1976’s Street Talk resurrected The Bob Crewe Generation, best-known for the swinging bachelor pad classic “Music to Watch Girls By,” for the disco age.  As a “disco-rock ballet” concept album aimed at Broadway, Street Talk reflected the exuberant, uninhibited and provocative spirit of the era with its lush, orchestral disco style.  The following year, Crewe emerged as a singer-songwriter with the solo Motivation.  Helmed by legendary rock producer Jerry Wexler and famed Muscle Shoals musician Barry Beckett, Motivation was inspired by Carole King’s Tapestry and remains a passionate, spiritual and raw pop statement from an artist who had plenty to say.  Real Gone Music’s Bob Crewe – The Complete Elektra Recordings, the inaugural release from the label’s new Second Disc Records imprint, brings these two, long-unavailable hidden gems to CD in the United States for the very first time.  And that’s not all.  A host of never-on-CD bonus tracks have been added to each title including rare singles and remixes!  The Second Disc’s Joe Marchese provides the new liner notes for this newly-remastered collection.  Take one listen, and you’ll agree: Crewe’s pulse-pounding, emotionally-charged Elektra recordings deserve a place alongside his undisputed classics…and offer a timely tribute to this late, great pop music giant.

CD One

Street Talk – The Bob Crewe Generation

1. Cherry Boy           

2. Menage A Trois                   

3. Street Talk           

4. Back Alley Boogie              

5. Welcome to My Life        

6. Free (Medley): I Am…/Free…/Keep on Walkin'

7. Ah Men!                                   

8. Time for You and Me

Bonus Tracks

 9. Menage A Trois (12" Disco Version)          

10. Menage A Trois (Stereo Single Version)

11. Time for You and Me (Promo Mono Single Version)

12. Menage  A Trois (Promo Mono Single Version)

CD Two

Motivation – Bob Crewe 

1. Motivation          

2. Give It Hell           

3. Lady Love Song

4. It Took A Long Time (For the First Time in My Life)

5. Marriage Made In Heaven

6. Somethin' Like Nothin' Before

7. In Another Life  

8. Baby Whatcha' Doin'a Me?   

9. Merci Beaucoup

Bonus Tracks       

10. It Took A Long Time (For the First Time in My Life) (Single Version)              

11. In Another Life (Single Version)

12. Marriage Made In Heaven (Single Version)           

13. It Took A Long Time (For the First Time in My Life) (Mono Promo Version)

14. Marriage Made in Heaven (Mono Promo Version)

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