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Barbara Lynn CD

$ 14.99

BARBARA LYNN:  The Complete Atlantic Recordings. CD

  • Barbara Lynn Is One of the All-Time Great Southern Soul Singers The Complete Atlantic Recordings Presents All 25 Tracks She Recorded for the Atlantic Label from 1967 to 1972
  • Includes an Unreleased Track, a Cover of the Box Tops’ “Soul Deep”
  • Features the Hits “This Is the Thanks I Get” and “(Until Then) I’ll Suffer”
  • Notes by David Nathan Include Quotes by Barbara Lynn
  • Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision 

Texas-born Barbara Lynn has long been considered one of the finest performers of the style known as “Southern Soul,’” the gritty, traditional R&B style of singing and playing associated with artists whose careers began in the ‘60s and early ‘70s. Her career began in her late teens, when Barbara turned a poem she’d written in school into #1 R&B hit, “You’ll Lose A Good Thing,” in the Summer of 1962, launching a career that has now spanned over five decades.  

Produced by Huey P. Meaux, the now-classic recording (also covered by Aretha Franklin and Freddy Fender among others) was cut for Philadelphia-based Jamie Records, for whom Barbara (a left-handed guitarist and writer of much of her own material) went on to record two albums and a number of singles, half-a-dozen of which became R&B-charted hits including 1964’s “Oh! Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’),” recorded by The Rolling Stones a year later.

 After a brief spell with producer Meaux’s Tribe label, Barbara was signed to Atlantic Records in 1967, recording an entire album, Here Is Barbara Lynn, which yielded the Top 40 R&B and Top 100 pop charted single, “This Is The Thanks I Get.”  A popular touring artist, Barbara continued recording for the label, scoring her last Top 40 R&B hit in 1971 with “(Until Then) I’ll Suffer,” from her original 1967 Atlantic sessions.  

 A one-off session with producer/songwriter and keyboardist Spooner Oldham in 1968 spawned six tracks (including a gender-flip version of Clarence Carter’s “She Ain’t Gonna Do Right”), two of which remained in the vaults for many years – “Unloved, Unwanted Me” surfaced on a UK 2000 compilation, and an upbeat version of the 1967 Box Tops’ hit “Soul Deep” finally makes its appearance here as part of The Complete Atlantic Recordings, reissued by Real Gone Music in association with SoulMusic Records. 

Barbara returned to working with Huey Meaux for her final Atlantic sessions in 1972, which resulted in two singles before the then-mother of three began a hiatus from recording and performing that ended with a 1984 Japanese tour; subsequently, Barbara has recorded half-a-dozen albums, receiving a Pioneer Award from The Rhythm & Blues Foundation in 1999.  

As its title implies, The Complete Atlantic Recordings features all 25 tracks Barbara Lynn cut for the label between 1967-72.  Notes by SoulMusic.com founder David Nathan include quotes from Barbara, who remains an active live performer. Remastered by Mike Milchner at SonicVision…essential Southern soul!


  1. This Is the Thanks I Get
  2. Ring Telephone Ring
  3. You’ll Lose a Good Thing
  4. Take Your Love and Run
  5. Maybe We Can Slip Away
  6. Sure Is Worth It
  7. Only You Know How to Love Me
  8. (Until Then) I’ll Suffer
  9. You’re Losing Me
  10. Sufferin’ City
  11. Multiplyin’ Pain
  12. Why Can’t You Love Me
  13. Mix It Up Baby
  14. He Ain’t Gonna Do Right
  15. Love Ain’t Never Hurt Nobody
  16. People Like Me
  17. Unloved, Unwanted Me
  18. You’re Gonna See a Lot More (of My Leaving)
  19. Soul Deep (previously unreleased)
  20. You Better Quit It
  21. Nice and Easy
  22. I’m a One Man Woman
  23. You’re Too Hot to Hold
  24. You Make Me So Hot
  25. It Ain’t Good to Be Too Good

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