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Badfinger Badfinger (Expanded Edition) CD

$ 13.99

Most folks point to Badfinger as the greatest power pop band of all time. But, with four accomplished songwriters in Tom Evans, Mike Gibbins, Pete Ham, and Joey Molland, and the creative assistance and imprimatur of The Beatles, Badfinger should have been bigger stars than they were. Their four albums for The Beatles’ Apple label get most of the attention, and understandably so, with hits like “Come and Get It,” “No Matter What,” “Day by Day,” and “Baby Blue.” But their subsequent two albums for Warner Bros. represent their true creative peak, reached even as the band—and the lives of the members of the band—fell apart. Now, Real Gone Music, together with Badfinger biographer Dan Matovina, is taking a fresh look at Badfinger’s brilliant but ill-fated Warner Bros. albums, Badfinger and Wish You Were Here. Everything seemed rosy when, upon conclusion of their contract with Apple, Badfinger signed a new deal with Warner Bros. in 1973 for a big advance, but right away things went south as the label rushed the band into the studio and ended up releasing Badfinger at about the same time as Apple released the band’s last record for the label, Ass. Not to mention Warner Bros. rejected the band’s title for the record, For Love or Money, leaving the record without any title at all. Of course, commercial confusion ensued, and Badfinger sold poorly, even though it boasted such solid tunes as “Lonely You,” “Shine On,” and “Love Is Easy.” Our Expanded Edition features the unreleased song “Love My Lady,” plus nine more outtakes from the album sessions; it’s the first time the original album’s been remastered (by Matovina from the original master tapes) since its maiden release on CD, while Matovina’s notes include fresh quotes from original producer Chris Thomas!

1. I Miss You
  2. Shine On
  3. Love Is Easy
  4. Song For A Lost Friend
  5. Why Don't We Talk?
  6. Island
  7. Matted Spam
  8. Where Do We Go From Here?
  9. My Heart Goes Out
  10. Lonely You
  11. Give It Up
  12. Andy Norris
  13. Love My Lady - unreleased song outtake
  14. Shine On - work in progress mix
  15. Song For A Lost Friend - work in progress mix
  16. Island - work in progress mix
  17. Matted Spam - work in progress mix
  18. Where Do We Go From Here - work in progress mix
  19. My Heart Goes Out - work in progress mix
  20. Lonely You - work in progress mix
  21. Give It Up - work in progress mix
  22. Andy Norris - work in progress mix

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