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Merry Clayton S/T LP

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Until the Film 20 Feet from Stardom Rolled Around, Merry Clayton Was Most Famous as Mick Jagger’s Vocal Foil on “Gimme Shelter”

But on Her Own She Recorded a Series of Tough Soul Records for Lou Adler’s Ode Records Label in the Early ‘70s

Having Already Released Her Solo Debut Gimme Shelter, Real Gone Music Now Turns to Her Self-Titled 1971 Solo Album

A Lost Soul Classic Featuring Merry’s Passionate Takes on Songs by Neil Young (“Southern Man”), Leon Russell (“A Song for You”), Bill Withers (“Grandma’s Hands”), and James Taylor (“Steamroller”)

Produced by Lou Adler

Arrangements by Carole King and Billy Preston First-Ever Vinyl Reissue
Maroon Vinyl Limited to 1200 Copies


Until the film 20 Feet from Stardom rolledaround, Merry Clayton was most famous as Mick Jagger’s vocal foil on “Gimme  Shelter,” but on her own she recorded a series of tough, soulful albums for the Ode label during the early ‘70s. We already reissued the first one, Gimme Shelter, on vinyl; now we’re coming back with her 1971 self-titled second album, which, like the first, has never seen a vinyl reissue prior to our release. And it’s something of a lost soul classic,
featuring Merry’s passionate takes on songs by Neil Young (“Southern Man”), Leon Russell (“A Song for You”), Bill Withers (“Grandma’s Hands”), and James Taylor (“Steamroller”), with production by Ode’s own Lou Adler and arrangements by Carole King and Billy Preston. Limited edition (of 1200) in maroon vinyl!

Side One

1. Southern Man
2. Walk On In
3. After All This Ime
4. Love Me or Let Me Be Lonely

5. A Song for You
6. Sho’ Nuff

Side Two

1. Steamroller
2. Same Old Story
3. Light on the Hil
4. Grandma’s Hands

5. Whatever

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