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Dandy Dandy Returns Vinyl LP

$ 19.98

Dandy is Robert Livingstone Thompson a.k.a. Dandy Livingstone, the Jamaican British songwriter performer producer responsible for the hits Suzanne, Beware of the Devil, Rudy, A Message to You (later covered by The Specials), and Version Girl (later covered by UB40). This 1968 platter is his second solo album, and one of the first long-players issued by the legendary Trojan label (catalog # TRL-2!); it's a must-have, highly sought-after rocksteady release featuring a host of Dandy originals along with covers of Chad & Jeremy's Only a Fool Breaks His Own Heart (also notably recorded by Mighty Sparrow at about the same time) and the Beatles Yesterday. This is the first-ever reissue in any format of this highly collectible classic; we've pressed it up in orange vinyl limited to 1000 copies!

Side One

1. Run Come Have Fun
2. Only a Fool Breaks His Own Heart
3. Put on Your Dancing Shoes

4. Tribute to the Prince
5. Yesterday
6. The Race Is On

Side Two

1. You’re Not the Same Girl
2. Your Daddy Is Home
3. Doctor Sure Shot
4. It’s a Sad World

5. Musical Land
6. My Nights Are So Lonely

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