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Clint Eastwood: Rawhide’s Red LP

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Clint Eastwood? That Clint Eastwood? Well, sure'Clint has demonstrated a deep love and aptitude for music as both an actor and a director (e.g. Play Misty for Me; Bird) during his entire career, and here you catch him right at the beginning of it, fresh from his success on the TV series Rawhide, crooning (and quite competently so) a collection of country & western favorites. And since Clint's 90th birthday falls on May 31 this year, we've pressed up 500 copies of the LP in red vinyl as a little birthday present for his fans. A little-known side of one of Hollywood's biggest icons, courtesy of Real Gone Music and ABKCO Music and Records'happy birthday, Clint!

Side One

1. Bouquet of Roses
2. Along the Santa Fe Trail
3. The Last Round Up
4. Sierra Nevada
5. Mexicali Rose
6. Searching for Somewhere

Side Two

1. I’ll Love You More
2. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
3. Twilight on the Trail
4. San Antonio Rose
5. Don’t Fence Me In
6. Are You Satisfied

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