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Jackie Gleason CD

$ 19.98

Probably the most popular, iconic mood music album ever made, Jackie Gleason’s Music for Lovers Only set the stage for untold imitators to come with its evocative album artwork and lush, sweeping soundscapes. Released as a 10” LP in 1952, it set the record—which still stands!—for most weeks in the Top Ten Album charts at 153, and hit the charts yet again in 1955 when it was released as a 12” LP. But here is where the history of Music for Lovers Only becomes, like most romances, complicated. The original 10” included only eight tracks, but Capitol’s first 12” issue of the album added eight more for a total of 16; subsequently, however, the album was reissued on LP with 12 tracks, and the out-of-print sole CD release of Music for Lovers Only featured just the eight tracks from the original 10” release.

Now, for the first time ever on CD, Real Gone Music is restoring this classic album to its full, 16-track length, with its glorious, original artwork intact—another first!—and in its original mono. As for those wondering what musical contribution Mr. Gleason made to the album, some say Gleason conceived of melodies in his head and described them vocally to his assistants. But when Bobby Hackett, whose wistful trumpet lines were the focal point of the Gleason sound and of this album, was asked what Jackie contributed to the recordings, he replied: “He brought the checks.” Either way, Music for Lovers Only stands as The Great One’s greatest musical achievement.


1.   Alone Together

2.   My Funny Valentine

3.   But Not for Me

4.   Love (Your Spell Is Everywhere)

5.   I’m in the Mood for Love

6.   Love Is Here to Stay

7.   I Only Have Eyes for You

8.   Body and Soul

9.   Little Girl

10. I Cover the Waterfront

11. Some Day

12. If I Had You

13. When a Woman Loves a Man

14. A Stranger in Town

15. A Moonlight Saving Time

16. My Love for Carmen

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