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David Allan Coe CD

$ 16.98


  • David Allan Coe Is the Most Controversial and Uncompromising Figure
    in Country Music 

  • Texas Moon Has Never Been Reissued in Any Format 

  • Liner Notes by Chris Morris 

  • Added Photos 

  • A Proto Alt-Country Classic

If you slapped up “Wanted” posters for all the great outlaw country singers, David Allan Coe is the one no lawman would want to tangle with. A denizen of the state of Ohio’s penal system from the age of nine until 27, Coe has charted probably the most uncompromising course of any artist in popular music, provoking charges of misogyny, indecency (e.g. his infamous X-Rated Hits) and racism (a charge Coe strenuously denies), while at the same time recording and writing some of the most radical and personal country music ever waxed. At first glance, Texas Moon, which was released in 1977 but recorded before Sun Records sold Coe’s contract to Columbia, is the product of “bad” David—not only does the “Moon” in the title refer to the prominently displayed naked posteriors of Coe and band (and dog) on the front cover, but the back cover displays his prison record and mug shot. But this record actually plays it straight; it’s a beautiful assortment of originals and well-chosen covers, played with a sound and authenticity that latter-day alt-country bands would die for. Our Real Gone reissue of this long-lost album features notes by Chris Morris—it’s a fascinating recording from a multi-faceted artist.


1.   Got You on My Mind

2.   These Days

3.   A Satisfied Mind

4.   Why You Been Gone So Long

5.   Why Me

6.   Mary Magdeline

7.   Fuzzy Was an Outlaw

8.   That Old Time Feeling

9.   Ride Me Down Easy

10. Give My Love to Rose

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